Trimeric is not an environmental firm.  However, our process-engineering capabilities and experience allow us to provide support as needed to firms engaged in the environmental field.  Typically, Trimeric’s staff is called in when unusual or complex process-related problems are encountered.  These problems frequently require evaluation of non-ideal thermodynamics, mass transfer, phase equilibria, or other physical/chemical process data.


A partial list of Trimeric CO2 process engineering projects is as follows:


  • Led design basis development as part of BACT analysis for scrubber in a novel waste mitigation operating procedure
  • Performed material balance of feedstock around entire plant and assessed technical and economic feasibility of recovering feedstock from process vent header system
  • Made recommendations to plant turnaround operating procedures to reduce risk of overloading process and maintenance scrubbers
  • Developed air and water environmental permit guides
  • Estimated composition, instantaneous vent rate and average vent rate of vent streams from tanks and process equipment from novel semi-batch process to feed into process scrubber design basis
  • Led white paper evaluation from multi-disciplinary team to identify potential environmental byproducts of solvent reclaiming for carbon capture application, in addition to evaluation of technical feasibility, waste classification, waste disposal options, and economics
  • Estimated rate of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from oil production facilities and provided documentation submitted to state environmental regulatory agencies
  • Estimated rate of greenhouse gas emissions from oil production facilities using empirical model and compared results to results generated from existing methods provided by regulatory agencies
  • Estimated rate of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions during truck loading of crude oil
  • Led project for evaluation and development of low cost, high capacity flares for oil and gas production
  • Led project for evaluation and repurposing of existing fleet of vapor recovery units

Project Example:


Completed vent emissions calculations for the product and raw material storage facility, batch reactor production and cleaning operations in support of a production facility permit application.  Evaluated air pollution control device options and provided recommendations to the client. Completed vent flow header sizing and design.  Provided process engineering services during the design, procurement, construction, and startup of vent emissions control system.