Paul Selz

Senior Associate of Trimeric Corporation




Employed at all levels in the Refrigeration and Gas Processing Industry: started as maintenance helper in high school; worked as installation mechanic and service technician during college; later positions as Project Engineer, Sales Engineer, Contract Manger, Sales Manager, VP of Sales, and Division Manager.




2003 to Present — Consultant on various projects, including 350 ton/day CO2 recovery and process plant using MEA on cement kiln gas; several CO2 purification and liquefaction plants from various sources  (ethanol plants, hydrogen plants, high pressure pipeline, etc.) ranging in size from 120 to 1,000 ton/day.


1995 to 2003 — Toromont Process Systems (now Enerflex), Houston and Ft. Worth, Texas

• Modular Systems Design/ Sales for all types of CO2 plants worldwide; clients included Industrial Gas companies, alcohol companies, and other CO2 producer/processors.

• Plants in USA, England, Egypt, Malaysia, Brazil, and Spain; ranging from 28 to 700 ton/day from varying sources

• Started “Turn-Key” construction group in 2000 to provide complete CO2 plants. Completed three major projects in last three years at Toromont with capacity exceeding 1,500 ton/day


1992 to 1995 — TOMCO2, Loganville, Georgia

• Division Manager—Successful start-up of CO2 Plant Design/Build group

• Led new Design/Build business to three major and two smaller CO2 plants (both liquid and dry ice plants) with a capacity of approximately 1,600 ton/day of liquid and 400 ton/day of dry ice


1977 to 1992 — Refrigeration Engineering Corporation, San Antonio, Texas

• Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, VP of Sales for last five years—worked in food industry for first two years, then assigned to develop Chemical Process / Oil and Gas industry sales

• Principal designer of CO2 processing plants. RECO furnished more than 75 CO2 plants worldwide from a wide variety of sources during this period with a total capacity of over 13,000 ton/day.


Prior to 1977

• Frick Company, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania as Central Region Manager

• Lewis Refrigeration Company, Houston, Texas (Predecessor of Toromont Process Systems (now Enerflex)) as Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, Contract Manager



Fields of Experience


• Carbon Dioxide Purification and Liquefaction Systems from all types of sources, including concentration, compression, adsorption, distillation, and dehydration systems

• Refrigeration Systems using ammonia, carbon dioxide, halocarbon, and hydrocarbon refrigerants with screw, reciprocating, and centrifugal compressors for the Chemical Process and Food Industries

• MEA and other amine systems for CO2 concentration/recovery from various fuel burning sources

• Gas Processing and Compression Systems with screw and reciprocating compressors for helium, CO2, and other gases

• Several industry “Firsts”, including:

  • First screw compressor system operating on wet CO2
  • First “Food Grade” liquid CO2 plant using lubricated screw compressors
  • First 500-millimeter screw compressor installation in the U.S.A




Attended college majoring in chemistry/chemical engineering, while working as maintenance mechanic and service technician in the refrigeration business. No degree.