Paul Selz

An Associate of Trimeric Corporation




Employed at all levels in the Refrigeration and Gas Processing Industry: started as maintenance helper in high school; worked as installation mechanic and service technician during college; later positions as Project Engineer, Sales Engineer, Contract Manger, Sales Manager, VP of Sales, and Division Manager.




2003/Present—Consultant on various projects, including 350 TPD CO2 recovery and process plant using MEA on cement kiln gas; several CO2  purification and liquefaction plants from various sources  (ethanol plants, hydrogen plants, high pressure pipeline, etc.) ranging in size from 120 TPD to 1000 TPD.


2003—Retired from Toromont Process Systems.


2003/1995—Toromont Process Systems, Houston/Ft. Worth, TX

Modular Systems Design/ Sales for all types of CO2 plants worldwide; clients included Industrial Gas companies, Alcohol companies and other CO2 producer/processors.

Plants in USA, England, Egypt, Malaysia, Brazil and Spain, ranging from 25 MTPD to 700 TPD from varying sources.

Started ”Turn-Key” construction group in 2000 to provide complete CO2 plants. Completed three major projects in last three years at Toromont with capacity exceeding 1500 TPD.


1995/1992—TOMCO2, Loganville, GA

Division Manager—Successful start-up of CO2 Plant Design/Build group. Led new “Design/Build” business to three major and two smaller CO2 plants (both liquid and dry ice plants), with a capacity of approximately1600 TPD of liquid and 400 TPD of dry ice.


1992/1977—Refrigeration Engineering Corporation, San Antonio, TX

Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, VP of Sales for last 5 years—worked in food industry for first two years, then assigned to develop Chemical Process industry/Oil and Gas industry sales. Principal designer of CO2 processing plants. RECO furnished more than 75 CO2 plants worldwide from a wide variety of sources during this period, for a total capacity of over 13,000 TPD.


Previous—Frick Company, Waynesboro, PA as Central Region Manager; Lewis Refrigeration Company, Houston, TX (Predecessor of Toromont Process Systems) as Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, Contract Manager.



Fields of Experience


  • Carbon Dioxide Purification and Liquefaction Systems from all types of sources, including concentration, compression, adsorption, distillation and dehydration systems;
  • Refrigeration Systems using ammonia, carbon dioxide, halocarbon and hydrocarbon refrigerants with screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors for the Chemical Process and Food Industries;
  • MEA and other amine systems for CO2 concentration/recovery from various fuel burning sources;
  • Gas Processing and Compression Systems with screw and reciprocating compressors for helium, CO2 and other gases.
  • Several industry “Firsts”, including:
  • First screw compressor system operating on wet CO2;
  • First “Food Grade” liquid CO2 plant using lubricated screw compressors;
  • First 500-millimeter screw compressor installation in the U.S.A.




Attended college majoring in chemistry/chemical engineering while working as maintenance mechanic and service technician in the refrigeration business. No degree.