Carrie Beitler

Senior Engineer




Senior Engineer, Trimeric Corporation, Buda, Texas, 2004-2013; 2015-Present

Senior Engineer, JD Consulting, Austin, Texas, 2003-2004

Senior Engineer, CrystaTech, Inc., Austin, Texas, 2001-2003

Positions up to Engineer at Radian International LLC, Austin, Texas, 1992-2001.


Fields of Experience


Ms. Beitler is an expert in process modeling and optimization of unit operations in the natural gas, refinery, and CO2 processing areas. Ms. Beitler has experience with commercial process simulation software in general, and is particularly skilled with Aspen Plus, DesignII, and Tsweet. Some of Ms. Beitler’s areas of experience include:


  • Development and implementation of all manner of process simulations
  • Process equipment and process plant cost development
  • Development of process designs and Process Design Packages (PDPs), including several acid-gas dehydration systems for CO2 and CO2/H2S streams and caustic scrubbers for H2S removal
  • Preparation of equipment specifications sheets for process equipment
  • Process screening studies for many different industries
  • Development of cost correlations and shortcut estimating methods using historical data
  • Process plant operation and troubleshooting
  • Estimation of emissions from glycol dehydration, development of software predictions (based on experimental data and thermodynamic principles)
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Regulatory compliance (emission inventories, permit applications)
  • Groundwater contamination measurement and remediation equipment performance prediction and testing


Professional Affiliations:


American Institute of Chemical Engineers





B.S., Chemical Engineering, 5.7/6.0 GPA, Purdue University, West LaFayette, Indiana 1992.



Honors & Awards


  • Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Honor Society