B. Gene Goar, P.E.

A Senior Associate of Trimeric Corporation


Brief Experience Summary  


Gene Goar has been in the Sulfur Recovery Industry related to Gas Processing and Oil Refining for over 50 years.   He is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin (1956).   He has worked for Pan American Petroleum Corp., Stearns-Roger Corp., Struthers-Wells Co., Howe-Baker Engineers, Inc., and his own company (Goar, Allison & Associates, Inc.) (for over 27 years).  He formed Goar Sulfur Services & Assistance (GSSA) in 2003, has been active in Process Consulting since then, and has been a Trimeric Senior Associate since 2004.   He has written and published over 150 technical papers, contributed to 3 books, taught many seminars throughout the world, and is still active in Process Consulting for the Sulfur Recovery Industry.    He received the Chemical Engineering Kirkpatrick Award (along with partners) in 1987, and the British Sulphur “Lifetime Achievement” Award in 2000, and the GPA Midstream Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.  He holds several patents, and has pioneered several new sulfur-related technologies that are now widely used in industry.   He patented the COPE SRU oxygen-enrichment process which allows a major capacity increase for existing SRU’s.  He pioneered development of the Unocal Recycle Selectox SRU Process for very lean H2S acid gas streams.  He designed the first Jacobs/CSS Superclaus SRU Plant in Canada, and the first in North America.  He has worked on over 100 SRU Projects throughout the world.  He is now working on a new book to be entitled “Claus Sulfur Recovery Units: Design,Operation, & Testing”.