Process Hazard Analysis

Trimeric personnel have extensive experience with Process Hazard Analyses including Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies, “What If/Checklist”, and Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA). Our clients value our process background as critical to understanding potential hazards. Typical process hazard analysis activities include:


  • Recommending of the type of process hazard analysis that best serves the client
  • Reviewing of PFDs, P&IDS and Cause and & Effect Diagrams
  • Identifying of hazard review nodes and creation of node drawings
  • Supporting the development of Risk-Ranking Matrix
  • Facilitating and scribing the hazard review meeting
  • Providing hazard review documentation including recommendations and complete summary report


Project Examples:


  • 11 HAZOP studies for existing offshore platforms to assist oil and gas clients in complying with 30 CFR Part 250, Subpart S, Sections 250.1911
  • Several HAZOP studies for CO2 compression, dehydration and pumping installations
  • PHA for amine pilot facility process reconfiguration
  • HAZOP for CO2 distillation and propane refrigeration units for oil and gas client
  • Revalidation process hazard review for an existing polysilicon facility including HAZOP, LOPA calculations, and What If study for Human Factors and Facility Siting
  • HAZOP for a new CO2 pipeline and wellhead for a research injection project
  • HAZOP for CrystaSulf process new installation and “What If” for global nodes
  • “What If” and SIL analysis for a process that produces hydrocarbon from renewable resources