Ronald L. Schendel, P.E.

An Associate of Trimeric Corporation




Principal, Ron Schendel & Associates, 1993-pres (

Manager of Technology Acquisition, Brown & Root Braun, 1990 – 1993

Vice-President, KTI Corporation, 1986 – 1990

Positions up to Supervising Engineer, Fluor Engineers, Inc., 1975 - 1986


Fields of Experience


Mr. Schendel has more than thirty years’ continuous experience in the chemical and hydrocarbon process industries.  Mr. Schendel has particular expertise with sulfur recovery technology based on the modified Claus process including the use of oxygen enrichment to increase capacity of existing plants.  Working with BOC, Mr. Schendel brought a previously stagnant, undeveloped, oxygen-based sulfur recovery technology to worldwide recognition, and a dominant market position.  Milestones included the sale and successful start-up of the first application using 100% oxygen in a refinery, and the subsequent sale of that technology to major oil companies.


Mr. Schendel also has strong experience in high level ammonia destruction technology, technology to combust elemental sulfur to produce SO2, hydrogen production, alternative H2S removal technologies, and others.


Professional Registrations and Affiliations


Registered Professional Engineer in the state of California (ChE 3125) – 1973

AICHE, Licensing Executives Society, Commercial Development Association, Cornell Society of Engineers, Laurence Reid Gas Conditioning Conference Advisory Committee




B.S. Cornell University - 1967

M. Engr. (Chemical) - Cornell University - 1968 (Minor in Business)




5 patents/over 2 dozen publications/more than a dozen professional symposia presentations

(separate publications listing available on request)