• Process design
  • Preparation of Equipment Specifications
  • P&ID (Piping and Instrument Diagram) development
  • Project management
  • Troubleshooting wastewater treatment plants
  • Materials selection
  • Wastewater characterization
  • Capacity evaluations
  • Regulatory services
  • Storm water management
  • Water conservation and reuse
  • Start-up assistance – on-site assistance with system start-up, operator training, preparation of operating manuals


Project Examples:


Economic evaluation of options to treat water produced by oil and gas wells in the Piceance basin:


The client’s goal was to meet requirements for discharging the treated water to a local river.  After reviewing literature, commercial information, and making use of Trimeric’s experience in other water treatment projects, Trimeric compiled a list of technologies and combinations of technologies that could be used to treat the water and meet requirements for specifications such as TDS, TSS, TOC, pH, toxicity, and the concentrations of metal and organic constituents.  Trimeric evaluated the vendors’ technologies in detail, including assessments of the vendors’ technical claims, evaluation of the material balance and equipment design information, and overall comparative assessments of the water treatment process economics and technical risks.  Technologies considered in detail in this work included reverse osmosis and other membrane treatment technologies, clarification, steam stripping, oxidation, adsorption, vapor compression evaporation, electrocoagulation, and micellar enhanced ultrafiltration. Trimeric’s scope included an overall assessment of vendors’ proposals, which resulted in the production of an overall technical and economic comparison.


Review of proposed desalination system for an offshore drilling application:


Trimeric worked with an offshore drilling company to perform a detailed technical review of a proposed desalination system design for production of up to 100,000 gallons/day of potable water from seawater on an offshore oil platform.  The review addressed evaluation of the following aspects of the design:  Pretreatment requirements, equipment capacity, instrumentation and controls, materials of construction, suitability for offshore service, and operating procedures.  Trimeric also represented the owner/client during the acceptance testing at the factory.


Wastewater treatment feasibility study for a bio-fuel production process:


Trimeric developed a conceptual design and cost analysis to assess the feasibility of treating wastewater from a new bio-fuel production process being developed by the client. Wastewater streams varied from low total organic carbon to concentrations in the 10% range.  Treatment processes examined included, solids separation processes, anaerobic digestion, fermentation, aerobic activated sludge treatment, flotation, solids drying, and solids disposal.   For the selected process design, Trimeric developed installed cost and operating cost estimates to be included in the overall plant design.  The study also included addressing the issues that could be encountered in obtaining a discharge permit for the ultimate discharge of the treated wastewater and waste solids.  Suggestions were also made regarding potential reuse of the treated water in the process by use of reverse osmosis to further purify the treated water to meet process requirements.


Process design for an ammonia removal system using cation exchange:


Trimeric evaluated several technologies for removing ammonia from a produced water stream prior to direct discharge including air stripping, chemical oxidation, and ion exchange. This particular water stream had no cations other than ammonium and this led to the recommendation to use an ion exchange system. Trimeric specified the equipment and assisted the client during start-up and commissioning of the treatment system.

Other projects completed by Trimeric staff:


  • Designed and provided process engineering support during construction of industrial WWTP for cyanide-removal prior to discharge in Houston Ship Channel
  • Designed and provided process engineering support during start-up of pretreatment plant for truck-washing facility in Florida
  • WWTP Process design for chemical manufacturing complex in Louisiana
  • Capacity evaluation for POTW in Houston
  • Capacity and process evaluation for an asphalt refinery in New Jersey
  • Wastewater characterization and source control evaluation for a Texas City refiner